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Horizons is a quarterly publication which shares good practice articles written by Outdoor Learning professionals, for Outdoor Learning professionals.


Whether you are new, or a veteran member of our community, there’s something for everyone: inspiration for new approaches; reflections on practice; the latest research and news; resource recommendations; guidance for personal and organisation development, plus much more.

Professional development in Outdoor Learning

Horizons supports your professional development, as well as the development of your teams and organisations in four key ways.

  1. Every issue provides numerous opportunities to reflect, learn and to be inspired.
  2. You can call on archive copies of Horizons for specific training or learning needs. Want to see how you or your team match up to the Outdoor professional profile? Read issue 85. Want to try some urban outdoor learning? Read issue 83.
  3. Writing articles for Horizons is an important part of continuing professional development; it demonstrates independent thought, generosity in knowledge sharing and a commitment to the ongoing development of Outdoor Learning.
  4. Horizons can help you build your network. Writing is a great way to raise your profile and reach across the sector, whilst responding to author callouts for support, questions and other opportunities to get involved, can initiate some great conversations.


How to get involved

There are several ways to get involved with Horizons: influence the future of Outdoor Learning by writing an article; reach our specialist audience through advertising; subscribe to Horizons to continue your professional development; search our archives to rediscover good practice from previous issues.


Writing for Horizons

Share your Outdoor Learning good practice with others.

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