Registered Practitioner of IOL (RPIOL)
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Registered Practitioner of the IOL (RPIOL)

Do you have a passion and enthusiasm for outdoor learning and are excited about how outdoor learning helps people develop?

The RPIOL Award

Registered practitioners of the Institute for Outdoor Learning are competent instructors or teachers of outdoor learning who operate in specific locations or with specific groups and activities.

They have a passion and enthusiasm for outdoor learning and routinely deliver a well-structured sequence of inclusive, safe and professional outdoor learning experiences.

For the participants on your outdoor learning programmes the RPIOL award

  • Demonstrates you have a professional approach to providing outdoor learning
  • Shows a commitment to standards in Outdoor Learning
  • Assures them you can balance activity, learning and leadership

For practitioners RPIOL accreditation provides:

  • Formal designation and credibility as an Outdoor Learning professional
  • Recognition of how you uniquely combine and apply your range of experience, skills, knowledge, qualifications and awards

Benefits of IOL accreditation to employers

  • Recognition of experience against national criteria
  • Enhances and supports career progression of your staff
  • Promotes the experience and expertise of your organisation and staff

What is RPIOL?

Registered Practitioner of the Institute for Outdoor Learning (RPIOL) is an IOL accreditation award that recognises how people use their skills, knowledge and experience to provide outdoor learning for individuals and groups.

RPIOL requires applicants to have consolidated experience working with others.  It does not 'retest' specialist skills, it recognises competence in delivering outdoor learning.

Typically, a Registered Practitioner hasd been involved in delivering Outdoor Learning sessions for 1-2 years or more, in either a paid or voluntary role.  For expmple, instructor, tutor, teacher, youth worker etc.

Integrating RPIOL in your Training Programme

RPIOL is designed to mirror and integrate into training designed to help people become competent practitioners of outdoor learning.  RPIOL is an ideal partner to:

  • Established staff induction and training programmes
  • University courses (that include a strong practical element)
  • High levels of practical knowledge and experience

The RPIOL Accreditation Process for Candidates

The RPIOL process focuses on the core skills of Facilitating Learning and Managing Risk backed up by a Personal Philosophy of outdoor learning, Values and Ethics, and Reflection and Professional Development

  Register with IOL

RPIOL Briefing at your Centre
  Complete your Application
  External Assessor Interview

 Candidates complete their logbook with the help of an RPIOL Mentor at their place of work. Your RPIOL Mentor will be an Accredited Practitioner of Outdoor Learning (APIOL) who can help you identify and celebrate “why you do what you do” and “how you do it.” Your logbook contains:

  • Your outdoor ‘CV’ shows the range of your experience, knowledge and skills.
  • Your career development plan celebrates where you have come from and where you’re going next.
  • Your evidence against the criteria includes your reflection and learning from an external workplace visit, training course attendance and observed practice reports.
Becoming an Approved RPIOL Centre

The RPIOL Award is accessed  through IOL Approved RPIOL Centres.

The partnership between IOL and an organisation allows them to conduct their own briefing meetings, mentoring and sign off the observed sessions of their candidates at each site that is an Approved RPIOL Centre.

Each IOL Approved RPIOL Centre has an Internal Facilitator who is the main point of contact between IOL, the organisation and the Candidates.  An Internal Facilitator must hold an APIOL award and be familiar with the current RPIOL process and criteria.

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Next Steps

If you want to
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Find out more about RPIOL
Read the RPIOL Accreditation Information Pack
Read the RPIOL Criteria
Look at the RPIOL Benchmarks

RPIOL Information Pack
Download RPIOL Criteria
Download RPIOL Benchmarks
Complete RPIOL for yourself at an approved RPIOL Centre
Be a member of IOL
Find a local Approved RPIOL Centre to register
you as a candidate (£80)
View current list of Approved RPIOL Centres
Complete RPIOL for yourself
as an independant candidate
Be a member of IOL
Apply direct to IOL as an independent
candidate (£250)
Download RPIOL Independant
Candidate Registration Form

Get hold of an RPIOL
Application Form

Register for RPIOL
Go to the Accreditation Documentation Page
(IOL Members Only)
View Accreditation Documentation

Become an Approved RPIOL
Be an organisational member of IOL
Complete the RPIOL Centre Registration (£300)
Designate an Internal Facilitator and Mentors
View current list of Approved RPIOL Centres
Download RPIOL Approved Centre
Registration Form

Update RPIOL Centre Details Complete the RPIOL Centre Update Form Download RPIOL Approved Centre
Update Form

Register Candidates for
Be an Internal Facilitator and complete the RPIOL Candidate Registration Form
Download RPIOL Candidate
Registration Form

Be an Internal Facilitator Hold an APIOL Award and be familiar with the
RPIOL process and criteria
Download RPIOL Accreditation
Information Pack

Download RPIOL Criteria
Download RPIOL Benchmarks
Be an RPIOL Mentor Hold an APIOL Award View APIOL Award Page
Download RPIOL Criteria
Download RPIOL Benchmarks
Be an RPIOL Assessor Hold an APIOL Award
Complete a registration with IOL
Be familiar with the assessment interview
Download RPIOL Criteria
Download RPIOL Benchmarks
View IOL Coach & Assessor Page
Highlight your RPIOL award
or Approved RPIOL Centre status
Request a copy of the RPIOL logo and guidelines
for use on websites, brochures, etc.
Contact Fiona at IOL
Talk to someone about RPIOL Contact the IOL Professional Development Team IOL Professional Development Team Contact Details