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Special Interest Groups

Get involved with an IOL Special Interest Group and develop connections with like-minded people across the breadth of the sector. 

IOL Professional
Practice Groups

  IOL Professional Discussion Groups
  IOL Research Groups
IOL Professional Practice Groups focus on championing and developing practice in a particular topic or area of Outdoor Learning.
  IOL Professional Discussion Groups focus on the exchange of knowledge and ideas related to providing Outdoor Learning.
  IOL Research Groups focus on projects that evaluate or shape practice in Outdoor Learning.
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Employers Group 

  CPD Project Group (watch this sapce)
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Outdoor and Adventure Therapy

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Higher Education

Special Interest Groups are established by the members and for the good of members. The strength of Institute has come from the ‘working together’ strategy that has been successfully implemented over the past few years. IOL supports Special Interest Groups where no other forum exists.

Find out more by reading our guide to setting up and running an IOL Special Interest Group.
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Get in touch with Andy Robinson IOL Chief Executive or Neal Anderson IOL Professional Standards Manager to explore the possibilities or discuss your next steps in forming an IOL Professional Practice Group or IOL Professional Discussion Group or IOL Research Group.


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