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Keynote, Masterclasses + Workshops Conference 2016

IOL National Conference 2016

FRIDAY 14th OCTOBER - Keynote Speaker - Valerie Hannon What is Outdoor Learning For?

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- Shaping the NEW IOL Professional Standards

An introduction to the new IOL Professional Standards and how they link to the Employer-Led Apprenticeships for Outdoor Instructors and Leaders currently in development. Includes details of how to get involved and shape the new standards and assessment processes.
  Neal Anderson is the IOL Professional Standards Manager and has been leading the revision of IOL professional standards and working with the employers group as they develop a new trailblazer apprenticeship in outdoor activity instruction.
- Becoming a Chartered Institute
  Andy Robinson IOL CEO

- Strategy, Research and Leadership Masterclasses



Download the presentation
The findings and implications of the natural connections project report. England’s largest outdoor learning project reveals children more motivated to learn when outside

Martin Gilchrist
Natural England

Gilchrist doc
Pedagogical models for outdoor activities. Developments in approaches to teaching outdoor activities in both residential centres and as part of the school-based curriculum.

Graham French
Bangor University

Urban community and outdoor centre partnership – lessons learnt om a successful and healthy long term partnership within a deprives BME community

Mark Williams & Adnan Zaman
Lindley Educational Trust

Leave more trace: Trends towards environmental citizenship in outdoor learning

Chris Loynes
University of Cumbria

Think like an Olympian, improve resilience. The psychological skills used by elite sportspeople that can be used by all of us to enhance achievement and personal resilience.
Gwenda Ward

Growth in action: Adventure sports and personal learning past the age of 65

Allison Inkster, Sharon Rosser
University of Central Lancashire

The Science of Fire. Making curriculum links when designing learning

Kev Palmer
IOL Bushcraft Professional Practice Group

Fun adventurous analysis. Using spear throwing as a vehicle to practice the cycle of improvement

Dave Watson
IOL Bushcraft Professional Practice Group

Much more than 'Studying Fields'; The broader benefits and potential for Field Studies. An introduction to Field Studies, the benefits, challenges, costs and barriers to setting up or developing a Field Studies program at a centre or venue

Tom Davis
IOL Field Studies Professional Practice Group

We believe in inclusion – but don’t want to dilute the adventure and learning for the other participants. The choices for including people with disabilities into mainstream centres

John Crosbie
IOL Adventure for All Professional Practice Group

A Can of Worms. Demystifying therapeutic process in outdoor programmes

Andy Hardie
Venture Trust


- 7 Steps to CPD - a useful guide for employers, outdoor instructors and leaders

The official launch of the NEW IOL 7 Steps to CPD brochure and guide for employers, outdoor instructors and leaders. The guidance has been supported by a range of employers and British Canoeing, British Cycling, The Royal Yachting Association and Mountain Training.
  Neal Anderson is the IOL Professional Standards Manager and has been leading the CPD project over the last 18 months.

- Outdoor Leadership Workshops



Download the presentation
Operational Requirements, Inspection Standards and Current Safety Issues For Ropes Courses

Techincal Outdoor Solutions

Is being commercial a dirty word in the outdoors?  Increasing awareness of sustainable and value-based business growth in the outdoors

Lucy Harrison
The Harrison Network

Surviving or thriving: Developing useful toughness through outdoor learning. This workshop looks at the how of developing resilience within outdoor learning

Kate O’Brien
Outward Bound

Ideas to help practitioners deliver sessions that include people with disabilities. Ways of making sessions more accessible to PwD

John Crosbie
IOL Adventure for All Professional Practice Group

Personal development in the outdoors using Choice Theory methodology. This workshop will draw on key concepts from Choice Theory that have proved to be effective in engaging young people and motivating behaviour change

Ruth Bradbrook and Chris Brain

Growth in action: Adventure sports and personal learning past the age of 65. This workshop builds on research into the social gerontology of the outdoors conducted at UCLan, some of which has been published in Horizons and JAEOL

Mark Hickman, Allison Inkster, Sharon Rosser, University of Central Lancashire

Better Together: IOL Gender Parity Research Findings. Effective engagement of our male leaders

Cressida Allwood

Bushcraft physics. A practical workshop

Kev Palmer
IOL Bushcraft Professional Practice Group

The Making of String and Analysis of it's Strength A practical workshop

Dave Watson
IOL Bushcraft Professional Practice Group

Natural navigation in maths. A practical workshop

Nick Winder
IOL Bushcraft Professional Practice Group

Tools of the Trade. A sharing of knowledge around models and tools useful in coaching

Jo McCready
IOL Coach Lead

A Rope is a Rope, Right? All you ever wanted to know about ropes and their use in the adventure activities sector

Mark Davies
Lyon Equipment

Snap! Equipment breaking session on the Lyon portable test rig

Mark Davies
Lyon Equipment

Pedal Potential. Developing learning outcomes through cycling and mountain biking activities

Dan Cook
British Cycling

The Role of Play in Outdoor Learning. Why play is integral to learning and development.

Sam Lovegrove
Muddy Puddles

Challenging behaviour – practical approaches to working with others

Catherine Brennan
Releasing Potential

Bringing Outdoor Learning Into School – Why It Matters And What It Can Look Like

Mike Hargreaves, School Outdoor Learning

Bringing Outdoor Learning Into School – Why It Matters And What It Can Look Like

Sam Lovegrove
Muddy Puddles

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Keynote Speaker - Valerie Hannon

What is Outdoor Learning For?

Friday 14th October

What, really, is learning for? What is the job that we need education systems to do for us?

Valerie Hannon pic

  Valerie Hannon believes that we will not get the changes we need in education – from pedagogy, to curriculum, to issues of assessment and indeed equity – unless we re-examine the fundamental purposes of learning. And to do that means we need to examine what it is we know about the future. We know a good deal; but we choose to ignore it.
Valerie suggests that education’s purposes can be grouped around one big idea: and four expansions of it. It’s about thriving: at the planetary, societal, interpersonal and intra-personal levels. And if we take thriving seriously, we have to rethink what we are doing. In this scenario, outdoor learning becomes central, and not peripheral, to the task. In this keynote and participative session, Valerie will explore what this means for us in the UK, and share some inspiring practice from across the world.

Valerie Hannon began her professional career as a teacher of maths in secondary schools. She became Director of Education for Derbyshire, and then adviser to DfEE on creativity, and a founding Director of the Innovation Unit. She has been consultant in support of change programmes in numerous systems, including the UK, Europe, USA, Australia and Africa. Valerie is senior consultant to the OECD Innovative Learning Environments programme, and a contributor and adviser to the World Summit on Innovation in Education (WISE).

Download the presentation made by Valerie Hannon

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