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The Institute for Outdoor Learning has a long tradition of working across the sector to increase participation in Outdoor Learning and improve the quality of Outdoor Learning in the UK. We seek to collaborate with others and represent and lobby for Outdoor Learning regionally and internationally. 

The outdoor learning sector is vibrant, active and diverse, with many different bodies holding meetings and events.  To support effective co-ordination, the following calendar shows the main meetings and events from the key organisations in the sector.  If you have any enquiries regarding this calendar, please contact at institute@outdoor-learning.org

Outdoor Learning Sector Wide Calendar

  Outdoor Learning on National Trust Land

IOL Update - June 2016

IOL Update - April 2016

  Updates from Andy Robinson CEO on Recent Activity

Andy Robinson

Andy Robinson's Blog...

IOL CEO Andy Robinson writes... February 2016

IOL CEO Andy Robinson writes... January 2016

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  Outdoor Learning News

Outdoor Learning News


  IOL Insights

IOL Insights - June 2016

IOL Insights - March 2016

IOL Insights - December 2015

IOL Insights - September 2015

IOL Insights - June 2015

IOL Insights - March 2015


  English Outdoor Council Briefing Papers

EOC Briefing 43 - Spring 2016

EOC Briefing 42 - Winter 2015

EOC Briefing 41 - Autumn 2015

EOC Briefing 39 - Autumn 2015

EOC Briefing 37 - Summer 2015

EOC Briefing 22 - Summer 2014

EOC Briefing 21 - Spring 2014

EOC Briefing 20 - Spring 2014

EOC Briefing 16 - Spring 2014

Nothing Ventured - Balancing Risks and Benefits in the Outdoors

High Quality Outdoor Learning

Residential Outdoor Education Experiences - A Legacy for Learning


  IOL Guidance on Influencing and Lobbying

Influencing and Lobbying


  IOL Support for Qualification Providers

Where employers or providers of training or qualifications request formal recognition from the Institute we provide a range of options requiring confirmation of meeting IOL good practice standards and some testing of the appropriateness of the provision for the sector. As we are funded by membership from the sector, such recognition services are primarily available to member organisations of the Institute. Costs are kept to a minimum.

Please get in touch with Neal Anderson, Professional Standards Manager to discuss your project.