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  IOL Home Nations and Regions

The IOL Home Nations and Regions provide forums for members to meet, celebrate and promote good practice. Each region provides a selection of CPD activity each year and an annual conference or meeting. They are a hub for the professional network seeking to sign post resources and encourage new relationships. Becoming part of a Home Nation or Region is automatically included with your membership if you live in the UK.

  • IOL Home Nations and Regions exist for you to meet up and exchange ideas with others in your geographic area.

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  Special Interests

IOL Special Interest Groups allow members to develop connections with like-minded people across the breadth of the sector. There are several forms of IOL Special Interest Group:

IOL Professional Practice Groups    
IOL Professional Practice Groups focus on championing and developing practice in a particular topic or area of Outdoor Learning.
  • Champion their area of special interest
• Share experience and shape good practice
• Put on events for IOL members
• Run by a committee of volunteers
• Prepare IOL Statements on Good Practice

• Provide guidance and specialist comment
IOL Professional Discussion Groups

IOL Professional Discussion Groups focus on the exchange of knowledge and ideas related to providing Outdoor Learning.

• Share knowledge and debate relevant issues
• Influence current and future practice
• Provide guidance and specialist comment
• Led by chair who reports back to IOL
IOL Research Groups

IOL Research Groups focus on evaluating or shaping practice in Outdoor Learning.

• Explore practice, research and possibilities
• Provide reports and recommendations
• Led by chair who reports back to IOL

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  National Conference

The IOL National Conference is the premier event for professionals involved in Outdoor Learning to come together and share knowledge, experience and debate key issues. Each conference includes networking meetings, master classes and workshops for leaders, practitioners, researchers, teachers and managers involved in the Sector.

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