IOL Strategic Leadership Workshop
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IOL Leadership Workshop

The IOL Strategic Leadership Workshop is a residential event designed to support senior practitioners in new or expanded leadership roles.

The changes, initiatives and opportunities in the wider outdoor sector mean that the impact your work and the work of your colleagues has is now more valuable than ever before. The programme includes:

  • Skills for leading, managing, influencing and decision-making
  • Using action learning and coaching to gain solutions to current challenges
  • Reflection on how your core values and beliefs underpin your current work
  • Debating the impact of what’s happening in the wider outdoor sector
  • Sharing your experience and learn from the experience and perspectives of other leaders in the sector
  • Exploring how you can positively influence outdoor learning in your specific area of interest

Programme Aim

To provide an opportunity for senior practitioners of outdoor learning to develop management skills, share experiences, debate future challenges and enhance their leadership self awareness

The workshop is recommended for people who:

  • Are in a senior instructor, deputy, head of centre, or advisor role
  • Want to enhance their cv and gain valuable CPD
  • Want to pursue accreditation as a Leading Practitioner of the Institute for
    Outdoor Learning (LPIOL)

The IOL Strategic Leadership Workshop is not for everyone. It is likely participants will be an experienced practitioner of outdoor learning and will be involved in making local and strategic decisions. They will probably hold an APIOL and will be looking for CPD to improve self-awareness and will want to use their knowledge, skills and options to meet current challenges and further their career.

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IOL Strategic Leadership Workshop



Day 1


  • Introductions and objectives
  • The strategic approach
  • Driving values and how they influence your decisions
  • Action Learning Sets – learning from others


  • The wider outdoor sector – your experience, role and future opportunities
  • Coaching conversations – making a positive impact
  • Action learning sets

Informal sharing of
experience, challenges,
solutions, & perspectives

Day 2


  • Your leadership strengths and blind spots
  • Managing vs mentoring
  • Influencing change – where can you make a difference?
  • Action learning sets


  • The LPIOL award in detail
  • Coaching conversation
  • How might future success be sabotaged, and what can you do about it?
  • Action learning sets

Participants are encouraged to continue supporting each other back at work by continuing the action learning sets and peer coaching established at the workshop.

Day 3

(Date and location agreed on the workshop)


  • Sharing changes & developments
  • Increasing your IMPACT as a leader

  • Where next
  • LPIOL or other courses, training or experience


24-25th May 2017

Venue: Plas y Brenin, North Wales

Arrival 10am. Departure 4pm.

Limited places available.

Accommodation in shared rooms, refreshments, lunches and evening meal included.

  • APIOL Members of IOL £200

  • IOL Members £250
  • AHOEC Members £250

  • Non Members of IOL £375


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Previous delegates have said:

"It was a really thought provoking and enjoyable few days. I definitely left full of energy and thoughts for the future."

"It reminded me how easily we can get complacent and do what we have to do to get by, rather than go the extra mile to make our attendees feel special and valued."

" interesting and positive experience that has focussed my attention on stuff I thought I knew and understood from a slightly different perspective. Sometimes you need to spend the money to go on the course to just be roughly shaken awake."

In summary, what previous participants have enjoyed about this workshop is:
The reflective nature of the learning which meant they could directly apply what we were discussing, even though they may be familiar with some content.
Action learning sets as a way of bringing real world problems and taking away real world solutions to implement
Personal coaching to explore personal challenges and goals
The review of key approaches to strategic thinking and acting
The breadth of experience and knowledge in the room from the outdoor sector
The encouragement and inspiration to be an authentic leader

Delivery Team

Neal Anderson is an experienced psychology consultant working with instructors, elite athletes, managers, directors and teams. He has lead senior management teams and is an active practitioner, coach and trainer, and the IOL Professional Standards Manager.

Andy Robinson is the IOL CEO, Chief Executive of Lindley Educational Trust and an organisational consultant and will lead sessions on the wider outdoor sector.