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AAIAC - Adventure Activities Industry Advisory Committee


AAIAC, the Adventure Activities Industry Advisory Committee, is the sector’s lead body for safety in adventure activities.  It is representative of a wide range of stakeholders from the UK adventure activities sector and is supported by the Institute for Outdoor Learning.

It delivers:

  • Safety Accreditation: taking a coordinating role in safety accreditation of adventurous activity and managing, developing and growing Adventure Mark.
  • Representation: being a single contact point for Government and other agencies in the areas of safety, risk management and good practice.
  • Guidance: being a single point of contact for all stakeholders, sharing good practice, developing standards and guidance

AAIAC was restructured in 2015 to be accountable to the AAIAC Council, which meets annually to receive an annual report and to provide direction, guidance and support on its strategic plan. 

The Council is the body of representative organisations who oversee the election of AAIAC members and its work plan. Current Council representation:

  • Emma Boggis, Sport and Recreation Alliance, Chair
  • Al Boyd,  Institute for Outdoor Learning
  • Mark Brazier, Expedition Providers Association
  • Tony Shepherd, Scottish Adventure Activity Forum
  • Graham Derrick, Young Explorers’ Trust
  • Paul Donovan, Wales Activity Tourism Organisation
  • Dave Harvey, Association of Heads of Outdoor Education Centres
  • Dave Scourfield, Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel
  • Mike Rosser, Chair, AAIAC
  • Martin Smith, English Outdoor Council
  • John Downes, National Council for Voluntary Youth Services
  • Craig McCullough, Northern Ireland Activity Tourism Forum
  • Tony Thomas, Council for Learning Outside the Classroom
  • Willie White, Scottish Advisory Panel for Outdoor Education
  • Denea Wright, British Activity Providers Association

The above people are your way to influence the work of AAIAC through the member organisations.

The ten members of AAIAC are elected from all areas of the sector.  Elections for at least five places on AAIAC take place every three years. 

The following members were appointed in July 2015 and will retire in 2018.

  • Matt Healey
  • Kevin Jackson
  • Paul Kenwright

The following members were appointed in July 2015 and will be eligible to serve until 2021.

  • Richard Hamilton
  • Jethro Moore
  • Tom Partridge
  • Mike Rosser
  • Dave Scourfield

In addition, the committee has observers from the HSE and AALS.

AAIAC - Mike Rosser, Kevin Jackson, Paul Kenwright, Tom Partridge, Dave Scourfield, Paul Airey, Matt Healey, Paul Donovan, Richard Hamilton, John Cousins, Jethro Moor also met on 20th April

Meeting with Department for Culture, Media and Sport, Sport England to discuss the proposal in ‘Sporting Future’ to move responsibility for AALA Licencing from DWP to 13th April 2016

This meeting with Gill Rendall (GR) Head of the Sport strategy implementation, Sport Team, DCMS, responsible for delivering the 90 proposed changes in Sporting Future and Trudi Else (TE), Strategic Lead – Facilities and Planning (Market Development), Sport England, was attended by Mike Rosser (MR) AAIAC Chair, Martin Smith (MS) EOC and John Cousins (JC) Mountain Training.

The meeting was an opportunity to GR to ask questions about the current structure of the Statutory and non- statutory schemes that exist throughout the UK and any differences in their management within the UK. We were also able to introduce the bodies that represent the Outdoor Sector and their varying roles. We are under-taking a mapping exercise to show the remits of Licencing and the non- Statutory schemes together with the various representative organisations throughout the industry.

The great majority of the conversation was about licensing and accreditation with little opportunity to consider the second part of the strategy proposal in which DCMS are aiming to help actively encourage greater levels of outdoor activity.

There is currently no time table in England for the move of AALA from one department to another.

We discussed the need for any solution/change going forward to take note of the industry view for scheme that works across all the home nations.

With Licensing being a devolved matter It was felt that AAIAC needs to take a leading role in ensuring a consistency in approach from all home nations.

AAIAC Strategy

  • Advise DCMs as it develops its approach to licensing taking account of the views of the industry
  • Map the current Licensing and Non-statuary accreditations for DCMS and as information for Outdoor industry
  • Map the bodies involved in the Outdoors through Education, Skills and Accreditations
  • Develop research at PhD level in order to provide a stronger platform on which to campaign for a single inspection process and ideally a single badge.

Next Meeting:

watch this space....

Surviving a Career in Outdoor Activities

UK Ropes Course Guidance 2015 Ver 4.2

Annual Report 2011/12

Adventuremark Survey Report 2015

Accreditation for outdoor activities
The Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) Badge and Adventuremark are non-statutory quality and safety badges respectively. Both are supported by the AAIAC. The route to accreditation document will help you decide which route to accreditation is most appropriate for you.

Which Route to Accreditation?


Adventuremark is a non statutory scheme for adventurous activities in the UK, supported by the AAIAC.

LOtC Quality Badge

The Department for Education (DfE) has launched a manifesto to support LOtC. As part of this initiative, DfE is introducing a badging regime for quality learning provision (including safety) entitled LoTC Quality Badge.
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