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On July 7th 2012 the Forest School movement reached a milestone in its history in the UK. After two years of consultation and many years talking, the new independent Forest School Association was launched.  

The first Directors were duly elected, there was a healthy debate about the name of the organisation which has now been decided on, and it is the Forest School Association, there was the usual networking and a variety of workshops. The day had a real celebratory feel to it along with a sense of 'pulling together'. The association will be a voice for Forest School, support practice, ensure quality training and push forward on research.

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The formation of FSA has been welcomed by many including their patron Tim Gill who said;

"I am very honoured to be asked to be the patron of the first national association for those working to take forward the Forest School movement.................. For me, the potential of Forest School is built on two vital foundation stones: the intrinsic qualities of natural places, and the intrinsic motivations and learning impulses of children. If Forest School is to leave a lasting impression on the lives of the children and young people who experience it, these two need equal emphasis............. I look forward to following and cheering on the work of the Association, and I am happy to do whatever I can to help take the organisation forward."


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    NB. FSA have negotiated with Birnbeck Insurance Services a good insurance package for members which will be £159 for individual practitioners, for organisations this will vary on the type of organisation. Birnbeck can be contacted by email or tel 01934 522 252.