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IOL Course Accreditation

An external, professionally based, quality assurance process.

  • Credibility for the training you are delivering from the professional body in the sector.
  • Highlighted listing on the IOL website of your Accredited Course(s) including course description, email and website links
  • Use of the IOL Accredited Course logo in publicity material and on CPD certificates relating specifically to the course that has been accredited

Accredited course logo

Accredited HE course logo
IOL Course accreditation is for all courses that support developing the knowledge and skills of practitioners of outdoor learning.
  • Accredited courses are designed and delivered with a clear aim, learning outcomes and appropriate assessment for learning
  • Trainers are knowledgeable, skilled and understand the work of instructors, teachers and leaders of outdoor learning
  • The course is relevant to working in outdoor learning
  • The provider is solvent, stable and operates ethically in line with IOL policies
  • The provider shows active support for IOL and the outdoor learning sector

 Courses can be provided for all levels of experience or job role and include a wide variety of content:

  • Direct course - the content is defined and managed directly by the course provider (e.g. reviewing skills, environmental skills, staff training programmes)
  • External course - the provider delivers a syllabus defined by a recognised organisation or awarding body (e.g. first aid, bushcraft, management awards)
  • HE course - A single module or full course from a recognised higher education establishment

To get your course accredited: Organisational members of IOL can apply for course accreditation regardless of whether they are a charity, sole trader, business or educational institution. Become an Organisational Member so you can get your Training Course accredited by IOL

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Special Requirements:

  • IOL Accredited Outdoor First Aid Courses must meet or exceed the IOL Guidance on Outdoor First Aid and each trainer must have passed the IOL Outdoor First Aid Questionnaire.
  • IOL Accredited Bushcraft Competency Courses must meet or exceed the IOL Statement of Good Practice on Bushcraft Competency and passed an on-site assessment by the IOL Bushcraft PPG Panel.

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