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Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning

JAEOL coversThe journal is a peer reviewed journal based in the UK with an international review board. The journal was first published in 2000.

Barbara Humberstone - Editor.

Latest Issue - Volume 16, Issue 2, 2016

  • In and out of place: exploring the discursive effects of teachers’ talk about outdoor education in secondary schools in New Zealand
    Jonas Mikaels, Erik Backman and Suzanne Lundvall

  • Reflections on outdoor education and English ‘Indigenous Organic Fascism’ in the 1930s
    Roger Cutting
  • Exploring a pluralist understanding of learning for sustainability and its implications for outdoor education practice
    Susanne C. Paulus
  • Sea kayaking incidents in Norway 2000–2014: an issue of bad weather or poor judgement?
    Eivind Aadland, Gunnar Noer and Odd Lennart Vikene

  • Is outdoor education a discipline? Insights, gaps and future directions
    Tom G. Potter and Janet E. Dyment

  • The adventure sports coach: all show and no substance?
    Paul Gray and Dave Collins

  • ‘The woods is a more free space for children to be creative; their imagination kind of sparks out there’: exploring young children’s cognitive play opportunities in natural, manufactured and mixed outdoor preschool zones
    Zahra Zamani

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Increased frequency of publication and subscription
Thank you for continuing to subscribe to the Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning.  The publication continues to be particularly successful in meeting its aims to promote dialogue, research, thinking , teaching and practice.  So successful in fact that the number of articles being submitted has led the Editorial Board and Routledge to agree to expanding to 4 copies per year to meet the need.  This wealth of papers and additional  publications inevitably increases costs of publication.  We have sought to limit subscription prices resulting in an increase from £27 to £34 per annum for the 4 copies (this considerably discounted price is only available to IOL members).  I hope you will consider this value for money and will continue to subscribe.
PDF copies of past papers
In addition to increased frequency of publication IOL has agreed with Routledge that we will make available pdf copies of past papers from the Journal.  The offer is limited to 5 past papers per annual subscription.  If you would like to take advantage of this offer please send details of the paper’s title and journal reference along with your IOL membership number by email.
Call for JAEOL Papers

Call for papers for themed edition of the Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning 2014
Title: Space, Place and Sustainability and the Role of Outdoor Education

Guest editors
Robbie Nicol, Peter Higgins and Hamish Ross, School of Education, University of Edinburgh

If the warnings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) (2007) are to be heeded then we cannot escape the evidence that indicates that as a species human beings are living lifestyles that are, in the long term, unsustainable.  One educational response from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) proclaimed that 2005-2014 was to be the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development stating that “all levels and forms of existing educational and teaching and learning programmes need to be reviewed and re-oriented to address the causes and consequences of climate change” (UNESCO, p. 1).  The evidence that supports these claims can be interpreted as the need for a transition from unsustainable ways of living to more sustainable ways.  This call for papers seeks to explore the question “does outdoor education have any specific, or special role, not just in addressing climate change, but in environmental sustainability in general?”

A brief overview of recent scholarly activity in peer-reviewed outdoor education journals shows a steady flow of contributions that position outdoor education and environmental sustainability together.  What is common to these contributions is that they all state, or imply, that much more work still needs to be done to broaden and deepen thinking in this area.  Furthermore, all believe that the full potential of outdoor education in this area has yet to be realised.  Consequently, the purpose of this call for papers is to stimulate those working in this field, and new contributors, to further enhance scholarly activity, and in particularly to explore any ‘special’ contribution that outdoor education might make.  We are looking for papers that explore the question, “in what ways can experiences in the outdoors contribute to the transformation of self and society that environmental sustainability calls for”? The intention that underpins this call for papers is to challenge, broaden and deepen current thinking.  The editors welcome contributions that are philosophical, empirical or theoretical.

Contributions are invited before April 30th 2013 and should be submitted in the usual way to the journal as they will be subject to the normal rigorous process of peer review (see ). However, those wishing to be considered for inclusion in the themed issue should indicate this clearly on their submission. It is intended to produce the themed edition during 2014. It is hoped that some of those accepted papers may be published as iFirst by December 2013 meeting REF deadline. Articles of high quality that are not able to be included in the themed edition may, with the authors’ agreement, be published in other issues of the journal.


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From 2007 (Volume 7) the Journal has been published by prestigious academic publishers Taylor & Francis. From 2007 (Volume 7) all subscriptions must be obtained through T&F, except those made through membership of IOL. The acquisition of JAEOL by T&F is a very positive move and a great accolade for the journal. (ISSN: 1472-9679)

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