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IOL HE SIG: future development - online meeting 19 Dec 2016 at 2pm

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Approved Provider Accreditation for HE Courses

The IOL Approved HE course project started at a meeting in Autumn 2012, where IOL with the SIG set up a project group of the HEI SIG Chair and the IOL project manager (Heather Brown), aided by 5 HEIs (Cumbria, UCLAN, Solent, Chichester and Marjons) to research sector demand/needs and develop the IOL HE Approved Course/Module process and paperwork.  During development over the succeeding months, drafts were circulated to the core group, and at various times to all the HE SIG members for comment.

We have now completed and reviewed the pilots, with 2 courses (one from MMU and one from Marjons) being approved, and we now invite you to join in for the next submission date, which is 31st October 2013 (Approved HE course form below).  These courses now have the right to use the IOL Approved HE course logo, and will have an entry on the IOL website where they can describe their course and refer readers to their website. (please see attached proforma).  The course entries will be live from September, but in the meantime, see details of the CPD Approval scheme in general.

As it gathers momentum, we are confident that this approval will enable practitioners to see clearer career pathways, signpost them to courses/modules that are delivered in ways which are accessible and credible to them, and therefore enable them to engage more readily with Higher Education.  We are very grateful to the SIG members, particularly the core group, for your comments and input and we hope that the HESIG will continue to give feedback and advise as the project moves to the next stage, particularly when you have your next SIG meeting.

With best wishes
Ian (HESIG Chair)

IOL Dissertation Prize 2016

The dissertation prize is designed to recognise research at undergraduate level that demonstrates a high level of understanding of a subject area, emerging talent in the field of outdoor learning and complements the aims of the Institute.  To this end each submission will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrates a deep and clear knowledge of the subject area with a range of reference material to support this
  • Demonstrates high quality qualitative and/or quantitative data utilisation, with a thorough justification of the approach taken
  • Be in line with the stated aims and policies of the Institute. 
  • At undergraduate level new areas of research are not required; however the work should add to the body of knowledge and perhaps spark the possibility of further tangential or linear lines of enquiry for future research would should be recognised in the work
  • The entry should be a professionally produced document, well written, free of spelling and grammatical errors, with correct references. 
  • The winner will be requested to produce a summary article to be published in Horizons

Submissions should be received at the IOL Head Office by Monday 12 September 2016

There is a maximum of two submissions allowed from any Higher Education Provider. 

Each submission must be accompanied by the name and contact details for responsible person at the Higher Education Provider, along with the Name, Address, Email and telephone contact numbers for the student author.

Higher Education Providers are responsible for informing the student of their nomination. 

The IOL will contact the winner directly and inform the Higher Education Provider contact of the outcome of all submissions, which will also be published in the IOL Newsletter.

The decision of the IOL Dissertation Prize Panel (chaired by the Chair of the IOL HE SIG) will be final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the outcome. 

The winner will receive membership of IOL for one year, a subscription to the Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning for one year and a prize of £250 donated by Publishers Routledge, Taylor & Francis. 

Thanks are extended to IOL, and the Publishers of the Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning, Routledge, Taylor and Francis for their continued support.  

IOL Dissertation Prize

 It is with great pressure that we can announce the winner of the IOL Dissertation of the year prize, which this year goes to Isabelle Cramp from the University of St Mark and St John in Plymouth, for her work titled ‘Does sail training provide personal and social benefits for young people?’  Her prize is a year IOL membership supported by IOL, along with cash and a year subscription to the Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning supported by Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group.  Izzy has been asked to consider writing her work in a suitable format for publication in Horizons so we can all share from her research. 

2012-13  HE dissertation prize awarded in association with Routlegde, Taylor & Francis Group and the Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning for the 2012-13 academic year . Congratulations to all.
Student name
 Title HEI  Result
 Daniel Webb
The identification of heuristic traps within joint services adventurous training MMU   Winner
 Maria Hindley
Exploring Gender / Female identities and self perceptions of women in climbing  LJMU  Highly Commended
 Emily Thompson
The effect of a five day expedition in North Carolina upon Students’ Personal and Social Development LJMU   Highly Commended
 Taymour Bagheri
Impacts of recreational scuba diving on coral reefs: A case study from Muscat   MMU  Highly Commended

Submission for the 2013-14 should be made by Monday 21 July 2014 - entry can only be made by the HEI.  The prize will again be £250 and a 1 year subscription to the Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning donated by Routlegde, Taylor & Francis Group  along with a 1 year membership of IOL including Horizons.  Full contact details of each student must be included with each submission, and only two submissions can be accepted from each HEI.  Full details will be on the web site shortly.

HE Course Accreditation
If any institutions would like to get their outdoor course accredited, to join Liverpool John Moores, Manchester Met, Marjohns and Worcester Universities who all have courses accredited, the next opportunity for submission will be the end of October 2014.  Details of submission requirements, dates and costs are on the web site. For a discussion please contact Ian Harris or Heather Brown.
It is now time to move the SIG forward to the next stage, I will be contacting members shortly for their ideas on priorities for the SIG, but anyone who would like to contribute can contact Ian Harris

Inaugural meeting of the HE SIG

This was held on 28th February 2012 at Carrs Lane Centre, Birmingham

Brief Notes

Observations from HEIs present

Discussions were held around current experiences at HEI, in general colleagues reported strong support from their institutions and management.  Various local challenges were identified around location of courses within multiple site HEIs, local organisation and faculty discipline within which courses sit.  Further discussions continued considering which JACS codes and subject benchmarks courses were matched against, along with the wider issues of fees, focus on destinations of graduates and NSS results in public information and KIS data on courses in the future.

Background to the SIG

Ian outlined the background to the proposed formation of an HE SIG. Approximately 8 years ago there was some work undertaken that formed a small group of HE practitioners which looked at various issues including whether a specific HEFCE subject benchmark was suitable and desirable.  HEFCE had indicated through informal discussions that this was not a direction that they wished to pursue.  Other aspects of the discussions did not really take off and therefore no formal group really developed.

Further discussions at the IOL National Conference in 2010 demonstrated a number of people who were interested in the formation of a group.  Following various discussions with HE colleagues and others within IOL the support seemed to be growing for the formation of a SIG.  Promotion via ‘Outcurriculum’ and ‘Outres’ JISC mail groups a list of interested colleagues, mainly UK, but with some interest from Ireland and US has developed.  Early email discussions indicated a general view of the need for a facer to face meeting, and IOL had agreed to invest in the hiring of the venue and catering for today’s event.  

Discussion was held on the first draft of the purposes of the SIG as circulated to all prior to the meeting.  Comments had been received from Chris Loynes and these were included in the discussions.

The view of the group was that the draft proposal should be revised and should then stand until an AGM could be held, the suggested date was to combine this with the IOL National Conference Autumn 2012.

Join the HE SIG

You can add HE SIG Membership to your membership by contacting the IOL office. It is £30 for Organsiational Members and £10 for Individual Members.