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Welcome to the IOL Employers Group

Employers’ Group Aim

To provide a forum for employers in the sector for discussion and action to develop the quality and extent of experiential learning.  This will be achieved through:

  • networking – supporting each other and sharing information on strategic and operational issues,
  • informing - communicating employers’ views to IOL, therefore informing its strategic direction,
  • promoting – working together to identify and develop business opportunities,
  • influencing – creating a landscape in which member organisations can thrive.


There are currently 19 member organisations, which meet three times a year for an overnight meeting, each member hosting the meeting in turn.  Organisations are normally represented by the Chief Executive or equivalent post.  Meetings start with the evening meal, which is followed by an informal session for exchanging news and raising any current issues.  Members find this informal session is a particularly valuable aspect of membership.  There is a more formal business session the next day.


  • We welcome new members and any organisational member of IOL is entitled to join.  
  • Membership is open to all member organisations of IOL.  Prospective members should be willing to work in a spirit of co-operation, not competition and should be willing to become fully involved and contribute to the group.  An annual fee of £50 is payable over and above the IOL organisational membership fee.  In addition, members must be prepared to host a meeting, without charge, each time their turn comes round, currently every five years.
  • If you would like to know more or express interest in joining, please contact the independent Chair, Simon Waring 

Contact the Group

Employers Group Chair: email